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About Us

What is Montessori?


Dr Maria Montessori was one of the most influential pioneers in early childhood education and her ideas have become known and recognised throughout the world.


The programme for all children in our care is based on sound Montessori principles.  We aim to prepare children of all ages to develop intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally and give each child the opportunity to progress in their own time and at their own pace with lots of freedom of movement.


"Help me to do it for myself" Maria Montessori


In our Montessori pre-school, children are welcomed into the prepared environment, which is divided into 4 main sections.



These are the very first activities children take part in. They enable a child to develop the ability to look after their surroundings. Through practical life activities, children learn to complete real tasks, which involve eye/hand co-ordination. This increases their capacity to concentrate. This is the best possible preparation for intellectual work.



On the sensorial shelves there will be specially designed materials to encourage the refinement and the development of the senses.



Children gain a physical impression of size and quantity before manipulating numbers. The Montessori maths programme is a gentle journey from quantity to number symbol and the joining of the two, for a greater understanding of mathematics.



In a Montessori classroom, reading and writing are instrinsically linked through the sandpaper sounds. Each child uses phonics to explore word building and learns to combine sounds for meaning.



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