Prima Montessori & Day Care Nursery

Prima Montessori - Elm Court

Capstone Road



Tel: 01634838400


Prima Montessori provides breakfast before 8:30am and light refreshments at 10am.  A hot lunch will be served at 11.30am, followed by light refreshment at 2pm.  Tea will be served at 3:30pm and high tea at 6:00pm.


Prima Montessori recognised the importance of a well-balanced and nutritious diet and therefore we have created an interesting menu, which will cater for all tastes.


Sample Menu*

Breakfast – choice of cereals and toast


Morning Snack - fruit

Dinner - Roast chicken, new potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and gravy

Dessert - Yoghurt


Afternoon Snack - Scones


Tea - Pittas with cooked meats and salad.


High Tea – Children make high tea to share with friends e.g. bread, pizza, cup cakes.


We offer water and milk throughout the day.


Our purpose built Prima Montessori nursery is in Elm Court, Gillingham.  The nursery boasts large, extremely well appointed rooms which are all individually themed for babies, wobblers, toddlers as well as the Montessori facilities.


The availability of space has meant we have been able to include a hall, reading corner as well as a comfortable parent's gallery with complimentary refreshments where parents can relax while their child is introduced to his wonderful new environment.


Please contact Toni, Gemma or Helen on 01634 838400, to make an appointment for viewing.


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